crema depilatoria
crema para aliminar vello


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  • Removes all hair without pain
  • Does not smell as strong as other creams on the market
  • Does not irritate your intimate area

If you have sensitive skin, test it for 5 minutes on a small area where you want to perform hair removal.

Depilatory cream is a product gentle and skin-friendly solution to get rid of unwanted hairs in areas such as underarms, legs, arms and bikini.

With a mild formula, this cream allows for easy and quick hair removal, leaving skin smooth for a long time. In addition, it comes with a practical fishtail-shaped hair removal scraper, which helps remove hairs with precision and ease, for a perfect result.

With benefits such as long-lasting softness and ease of use, this hair removal cream is an excellent choice for maintaining smooth, hair-free skin.