lightening deodorant
desodorante aclarador


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  • Antiperspirant action.
  • Freshness and safety guaranteed.
  • Eliminates dark spots in the underarms.
  • Does not stain or bleach clothes.

The deodorant is an excellent choice for those who seek good hygiene and want to feel safe and odor-free. With its specially designed formula, this deodorant keeps you fresh all day long, thanks to its antiperspirant action.

In addition, its whitening action will help eliminate dark spots in your underarms, leaving your skin clean and radiant. This deodorant also effectively eliminates any bad odor, ensuring you feel confident and secure at all times.

Application is easy and convenient, as it dries quickly and will not stain or bleach clothes. For best results, simply apply the deodorant to underarms after showering or bathing.

With Luxo deodorant, you can feel fresh and confident all day long.