complete girdle with snaps 031
faja completa con broches 031
faja entera media pierna
half-leg full girdle
shapewear for women
the best shapewear
fajas con control abdominal
faja con tirantes
faja post-operativa
faja con silicón antialergico
girdle with 4 levels of snaps
shapewear with Zipper in the intimate area
faja con cremallera en la zona íntima
girdle with Built-in buttock lift.
fajas de uso diario


Regular price$162.99 USD
  • Maximum Compression.
  • Post-operative or daily use.
  • Extra support in the back.
  • Zipper in the intimate area.
  • Made of anti-allergic silicone lace.
  • Built-in buttock lift.
  • 4 levels of snaps.

The 031 Mini Naughty Girdle is a versatile and elegant garment that fits your body comfortably and securely. With an innovative design, this girdle has 4 rows of snaps that allow you to adjust it to your waist and hips in a precise way. In addition, it has a zipper in the intimate part that gives you greater ease when dressing and undressing it.

The open chest of the girdle is an elegant and sensual detail that gives it a touch of distinction. In addition, this girdle has a natural buttock lift system that will help you shape and define your curves in a natural and smooth way.

The shorts are mid-leg, which gives you greater comfort when wearing it. In addition, it has thick straps that will give you more support and stability.

On the other hand, it has an extra support in the back area that will help you maintain a correct posture and avoid back pain. In addition, it is made of anti-allergic silicone lace, which makes it soft and comfortable for your skin.

In short, the 031 mini naughty girdle is an ideal garment for those who are looking for a comfortable, elegant and effective girdle to shape and define their figure.