bra 100% strapless design.
brasier sin tirantes


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  • 100% strapless design.
  • Sleeveless garment.
  • Wide back for extra support.
  • Adjustable snaps for perfect size adjustment.
  • Half cup with underwire for enhanced breasts support.

The Analia bra is a very elegant and versatile lingerie garment, perfect for any occasion. The highlight of this bra is that it is 100% strapless, which makes it ideal to wear under garments with back necklines or sleeveless. In addition, it has a wide back that provides extra support in the back, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit throughout the day.

Another feature of the Analia is that it has rows of snaps in the back, allowing you to adjust the size and ensure a perfect fit. In addition, this garment has a half cup with underwire, which offers greater support and support for the breasts.

In summary, the Analia bra is a very versatile and comfortable lingerie garment, ideal to wear under any type of clothing and for any occasion. In addition, its elegant design and extra back support make it perfect for any woman who wants to feel secure and comfortable all day long.