complete girdle with snaps
faja completa con broches
girdle for women
fajas para mujeres


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The 012 Naughty Girdle is a perfect choice for those who want to drop sizes and improve their posture in a daring and seductive way. With its high back and extra support, this girdle will help you stand up straight and feel more comfortable and confident while bringing out your naughty side.

The thick straps of the 012 naughty girdle provide added support and prevent it from sliding down. Plus, the open chest allows for greater freedom of movement and comfort during wear, allowing you to show a little more skin without sacrificing the support and control you need.

It reaches to the knee, making it ideal for covering the entire abdominal area and providing greater compression and control. In addition, it has 4 levels of fasteners that allow you to adjust it according to your needs and preferences, allowing you to choose the degree of compression and fit you like best.

For ease of use, the girdle has a zipper on the intimate part that will allow you to put it on and take it off easily. In addition, this girdle lifts the buttocks naturally, giving your figure a more toned and attractive appearance.